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ShuBee: Shoe Covers with a "Citrus Scent"

ShuBee Shoe Cover on technicianFinally, shoe covers specifically designed for the the service industry. This fantastic marketing tool gives your customers peace of mind before the technician even enters the home. They can be slipped on in seconds to protect the carpet, tile or wood from dirt, mid and scuff marks. A better alternative to taking off your shoes, presenting a professional appearance that customers appreciate and remember. Available in colors to match your company uniforms or just to make sure your client sees them. Successful contractors agree, "ShuBee is a must have tool on every service call".

ShuBee Shoe Cover on technician
ShuBee Available Colors
Available ShuBee Colors


The Red Carpet Treatment

ShuBee Red Carpet TreatmentThe ShuBee Red Carpet Treatment is designed specifically for carpets. Excellent protection from dirt and damage to your customer’s carpets. The super tough, self-adhesive polyethylene product is better than a drop cloth and will not slip or shift. Simply peel up the Red Carpet Treatment and keep your customer’s carpets as clean as when you started.



ShuBee Nitrile Gloves

ShuBee Nitrile GlovesProtect yourself with ShuBee Industrial Grade Gloves. Puncture-resistant nitrile gloves contain NO allergy causing latex proteins and are oil resistant to petroleum products.



ShuBee Latex Gloves

ShuBee Industrial Strength Latex GlovesKeep your hands clean even on the dirtiest of jobs. ShuBee Latex gloves are thicker for increased durability and have a textured palm and fingers for better gripping.



ShuBee Thicksters

Shubee ThickstersThese high quality, super duty, industrial strength Thickster gloves give you the added protection you need. They are over 3 times thicker than standard latex gloves, an amazing 15 mils. The 11 inch beaded cuff goes further up the arm to provide additional protection. Lightly powdered
making them easy to put on. So durable you can re-use them. Available in Extra Large or Extra Extra Large.


ShuBee Ugly Gloves™

ShuBee Ugly GlovesThese gloves ain't pretty — but they're built tough. ShuBee Ugly Gloves are made of PVC and are jersey lined for comfort. The fingers and palms are embedded with PVC chips to allow cables to rotate smoothly in your hands without damaging the glove. Comes with safety cuff or without. Choose from 12-inch length or safety cuff styles.



ShuBee Red Rug

ShuBee Red RugYour customer is sure to notice ShuBee Red Rugs. It’s the perfect place to put your tools and parts while working.The Red Rugs are absorbent up to ten times their weight. Re-use them on every job to be sure your customers take notice. Cost effective and highly visible to your customer.

Rubber-coated bottom prevents slipping.


Disposable Coveralls with Pockets

Disposable Coveralls with PocketsKeep your technicians looking fresh from call to call and increase sales.

  • Save money by eliminating torn and dirty uniforms
  • Stay-cool breathable material
  • Made durable to last
  • 5 Pockets: 1 Shirt, 2 Front, 2 Back
  • Elastic wrist and waist band
  • Boot cut leg


ShuBee Citrus ScentCitrus Scent

When you finish a job your customer expects it to be clean and smell good too! ShuBee’s aerosol spray has an all natural citrus aroma that will keep things smelling fresh long after the job’s been done.




Mini-Bristle Hand Cleaner

Mini-Bristle CleanerMini-Bristle is an environmentally friendly hand cleaner that deep cleans skin pores instead of just the surface. Tiny plastic scrubbers will not rough up skin like other abrasive materials. Leaves hands smooth, clean and odor free. It’s antiseptic, but will not hurt in cuts or scratches. There are no petroleum solvents to dry skin. Convenient, economical and biodegradable. Will not build up in drainpipes like powders.



Mini-Bristle Dispenser

Mini-Bristle DispenserThe Mini-Bristle Dispenser unit allows you to wall mount the hand cleaner for easy use. Just invert the half gallon size container, snap into place, punch an air hole and with one turn of the crank, you will have enough Mini-Bristle to clean mildly soiled hands.






Now Bigger and Better

Fits up to a size 16 work boot and is more durable, with a non-skid bottom
ShuBee Shoe Cover
ShuBee Shoe Cover Box
Come in Waterproof or Cloth!