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SP-01 AC/Water Heater Sensor P

SP-01 AC/Water Heater Sensor P
  • SKU:  SP-01


SP-01 AC/Water Heater Sensor Pad

Product Description

The Sensor Pad Attachment has many uses and extends the reach and access to
all Gizmode Innovations Water Alarm products. It acts as an A/C condensation
pan overflow alert when used with the adjustable stands. The SP01 is perfect
for tight spaces and low profile areas, i.e. under the refrigerator or under the
dishwasher panel. The SP01 can be used with or without the included stands. In
addition, the attachment unit has a secondary port, which allows multiple SP01’s
to be “daisy-chained” to cover multiple water detection areas from a single alarm.

• Only for use with Gizmode Water Alarms, WA01, WA02, and WA03
• Perfectly suited for A/C condensation pans with adjustable stands (set to any
height above pan)
• Can be used with or without the included stands for ultra-low profile areas
• Daisy-chain multiple sensors to a single Water Alarm for multiple detection
• Package includes 9 feet of extension wire, 6 inch pigtail (for connection to the WA01 Water Alarm), Sensor Pad, and 1
adjustable height stand plus 1 spare stand
• Easily attach to the bottom of any Gizmode Water Alarm by using the included
• connectors
• Completely electronic, no moving parts to fail or wear out
• Pad = 2cm H x 1” W x 2” L
• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty