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FloodStop FS3/4H90 for Washing Machine



FloodStop FS3/4H-90 is a point of use, leak detection and automatic water shut-off system designed for residential and commercial dwellings. The FS3/4H-90 uses two Motorized Ball Valves to automatically shut off the water supply whenever your washing machine leaks, overflows, or a hose bursts.

Install in Minutes!

Kit includes everything you need to protect your property:

  • 3/4" Motorized Ball Valves installed on both hot and cold water inlets.
  • Water sensor is placed on the floor.
  • Control Unit is mounted with screws or velcro (included).
  • Optional Power Sources: AC & (4) AA Batteries, or Batteries alone!


Technical Specifications:

  • UL listed class 2 wall adaptor, 115AC/9VDC
  • Signal Output: 1 Normally Open, 24 Volt/2 amp rated
  • Motorized Ball Valves (2): CNC machined with 90 degree downward outlet.
  • Motors operate at 6VDC. AB 1953, UPC, CUPC, NSF61 cert.
  • Rated 0-110 PSI. Max 250 PSI. Solid Brass.
  • Rated 32-212 degrees F
  • Sensor: 1.25 x 7.5 inch, double sided. Additional sensors may be added in series.
  • Alarm: Beeping with mute button.