Chlor-Annul is another exclusive product designed to overcome the unsuitable environment for biological activity in grease traps. Chlor-Annul is designed to stop the sterilization of waste by chlorine based sanitizers so natural digestion of the waste can be accomplished.

Chlor-Annul and Bio-Clean also comprise a unique two step process that will eliminate grease problems in food service drains and grease traps.

2 lb Container
(Contains 1 1/2 cups)

25 lb Pail
(Contains 35 cups)

Directions for Use:

Add Chlor-Annul to sanitizer water and dissolve before draining.

For powdered chlorine type sanitizers:
Use 3 teaspoons per 1.5 oz. packet of sanitizer used. (Spoon provided is 1 teaspoon)

For liquid bleach:
Use 1 teaspoon for each ounce of bleach used. (Spoon provided is 1 teaspoon)

If sodium hypochlorite is being used, triple this dosage. (3 teaspoons for each ounce)

Kontrol container